Affiliate Promotion

affiliate promotion Affiliate Promotion

Online Advertising when you pay only for Results !!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of advertising.

We offer online affiliate marketing service as a Internet Marketing tool, which enables the websites to generate leads/sale through the promoters.

  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Designing of Affiliate Program.
  • Consultancy for Affiliate Program Selection.
  • Affiliate Program Promotional Help.

Affiliate Internet Marketing is based on cost per lead or cost per sale. It simply indicates that the merchant pays the commission to the affiliate only when he makes a sale through that affiliate. It is one of the successful techniques of Online Marketing as it assures payment on delivery of results. We bring Merchants in touch with such Affiliate Networks.

You pay these ‘affiliates’ a commission only once a sale or when a lead has been generated, and it’s up to you how the commission is structured. You (the merchant) set the parameters. By rewarding affiliates with an incentive based on their performance, they will send far greater volumes of potential customers to your site.
There is huge potential to advertise; it is endless!

Achieving success when it comes to Affiliate Marketing requires careful planning from the outset as well as ongoing management throughout the campaign. We have experience in managing affiliate campaigns that deliver results.

How we can help your Business?

We assist/consult you to plan your online affiliate marketing needs by carefully identifying affiliates / affiliate Networks who would be beneficial in promoting your website and getting your products/services listed on their websites/ networks We have access to the best of publishers who are eager to market your product to their network of users.

We can serve you with custom tailored programs which help achieve your business goals. We can run Affiliate programs on the following lines.
  • CPM – You pay for the number of impressions agreed.
  • CPL – You pay for the leads generated through the affiliate network.
  • CPS – You pay for when you acquire a sale through the Affiliate program.

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