Mobile VAS (Voice Services)

Voice has always its own effects. It instantly connects with your customers. We provide extensive solutions in Voice. Bulk Voice SMS and Missed Call Alerts are the offering presently with us with a huge market potential.

Bulk Voice SMS is a simplest and fastest way to communicate with mobile contacts through voice. A personalized Voice Broadcasting can help build lasting relationships with your business customers. Oflate these tools have been used widely in elections and social campaigns also with very high effectiveness and reach.

voice Mobile VAS (Voice Services)

Voice cuts formality and bring relationships to next level…

The latest entrant to the Mobile Voice Services are Missed Call Service and the Toll Free Number. Both have gained wide acceptance by the end customer as it is very user friendly with no additional cost to them. Over the last one year we have seen a huge growth in both the above services

  • voice sms Mobile VAS (Voice Services)

    Used by 70% of all Voice Campaigns

    Bulk Voice SMS is done through a IVR and the process is completely automated. In general the Voice Pulse is of 30 Seconds and is pushed throughout landline and Mobiles. Effective in Communication in some specific promotions.

  • missed call Mobile VAS (Voice Services)

    Latest Service to hit Market

    This Service is now widely overtaking some of the traditional lead generating media. User has to just dial a number and his all details are captured by the automated system.

  • tollfree Mobile VAS (Voice Services)

    Good Old Media

    Toll Free Number Service has been around the corner for quite some time and the end user is not charged for call. Instead the Business opting for the service is charged on per minute basis.