Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is a SMS Containing text advertisement that explains about the product/service information sent to thousands of people. This form of business promotion has many unique capabilities and advantages which any business cannot afford to ignore.
First of all the cost effectiveness of the promotional campaign by using mass sms service make it ideal for newly launched of small scale businesses. For Business enterprises, we offer facility of promotional SMSs to promote the services.

These Rates are for Premium SMS which terminate on all mobile operators unlike selected Operators sold by many SMS selling companies.

Cheap SMS are available at almost half the cost if you require limited operator delivery. Please contact Sales for the same.

  • Promotional SMS can be used by

    • Small businesses to large business for promote their products or service.
    • Hotels and restaurants for sending offers like discounts coupons etc.
    • Event organizers for sending event SMS like venue details date & time products or services available etc.
    • Retail & sales to not only increase sales, but also build buyer loyalty and find new customers.
    • Promotional SMS is used by any person or industry who wishes to promote their product or service and Increase their client base.

  • Promotional SMS FAQs

    1. Does Promotional SMS have Sender ID?

    No Sender Id for Promotional SMS (As Per the TRAI Rule)

    2. Will there be any time period for Sending SMS?

    Yes Promotional SMS should be sent between 9am to 9pm.Delivery of SMS depends on the mobile network and signals of that particular network. If you send promotional SMS to one lakh numbers and few numbers are not in the reach mobile signals, the mobile network will check for signals 4 to 6 times within 24 hours of the message sent if the mobile got signals within this 24 hours then the SMS is send else sending will be failed.

    3. Can I send SMS to DND NUMBERS?

    No, Promotional SMS are not received by the Mobile numbers that are DND Activated.

    4. How many characters do a Promotional SMS consist?

    Promotional SMS should consist of 160 characters not more than 160.

    5. Is there any limit for sending Promotional SMS?

    No, there is no limit for sending Promotional SMS. But the SMS should contain only 160 characters.

    6. How can I send a Promotional SMS?

    You can Send Promotional SMS by sending it through our Portal.
  • Demo Details

    Demo (Click Here to go to Website)

    User Name: demo

    Password: demo

    The Demo is tracked and reset in every 24 Hours. You can check the service by sending upto 10 SMS.

    Telemarketer Registration


  • Terms

    • Pricing is based on SMS Volume you purchase.
    • Payment Terms are Pre Paid. SMS credits have to be purchased in Advance.
    • The Standard validity of SMS is for Six months, extendable to 1 more month upon Request.
    • Please pay in cheque in the name of “Trueline Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” or you can Order Online.
    • Informational Critical Route SMS goes instantly baring a delay of maximum 5 minutes sometimes.
    • Normal Route SMS takes a delivery time frame of max 2-3 hours.
    • Spamming is not allowed through these SMSs and will not be delivered on DND Numbers.
    • Voice Calls are also available. Please ask for the same.

    The Web Based Interface keeps on Upgrading and we provide updates free of Cost. The interface can be used from any Internet Connected PC.