Transactional SMS

TRAI has categorized Bulk SMS into Promotional and Transactional SMS. Any SMS which is being used by an Organisation [ Specified in Categories by TRAI ] for informational purpose to its customers is termed as Transactional SMS.

These SMS do not attract the additional surcharge of INR 5 Paisa + Service Tax which is levied on Promotional SMS.There are certain benefits and restrictions on this category of SMS. (Please check below in FAQ Section for details). The SMS approval are provided on Pre approved Templates to avoid SMS Spamming. Before Ordering please check whether your Organisation is approved for sending Transactional SMS.

  • Usage

    Transactional Gateway will be allocated only to following category of business for sending transactional messages.

    • Registered Companies
    • Registered Banks & Financial Institution
    • Insurance Company
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Registered Education Instituted (Only for sending information to parents)
    • Airlines & Railway (Only for sending ticket & PNR details to passengers)
    • Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers)
    • E-Commerce website in response to ecommerce transactions

  • FAQs

    1. Does Transactional SMS have Sender ID?
    Yes, you can have Send ID for sending Transactional SMS and it requires approval.
    Sender ID should be of 6 capital alphabets representing the brand/service/ industry
    Sample Sender ID
    T- Stands for “Tata Teleservices “it’s a “Service provider”.
    D-Stands for “Delhi” a “Service Circle”
    ABCDEF- is the “sender ID” of six alphabets representing a brand or organization or service sending the Transactional SMS.

    2. Can I have multiple sender ID’s for a single account?
    No, you can only have a One Sender ID for a Single Account.

    3. Will there be any time period for Sending SMS?
    No, there is no time period for sending Transactional SMS, You can send Transactional SMS round the clock 24/7 all the 365 days.

    4. Can I send SMS to DND NUMBERS?
    Yes, Transactional SMS’s can be sent to DND (Do Not Disturb) Numbers. (They should be registered with you as your customers).

    5. What are the requirements for using Transactional SMS?
    You just need to fill an undertaking letter and submit Templates for the approval of TRAI.

    6. What details should be included in undertaking letter?
    Undertaking letter with company Letter Head duly signed. Category & User name under which you want to send Transactional SMS. It is required by TRAI.

    7.What does the Template contain?
    A Template is predefined message which has to be sent. Transactional SMS works with template based messaging. We provide upto 25 Templates.

    8. Do my Templates require TRAI approval?
    Yes, Template should be approved by TRAI.

    9. What Happens If I send SMS without TRAI approval?
    The SMS Template will not be sent if it is not approved or if it is changed after approval.

  • Demo

    Since this route requires preapproved templates to send SMS, we can not show you the Demo

  • Terms

    • Only one Sender ID is allowed per account & maximum 6 Characters (alpha numeric)
    • Sender ID is subjected to approval.
    • Transaction Gateway is open for 24 hours.
    • Message Templates should be preapproved before sending SMS through this Route.
    • If the template and sender id does not match with our records sms will not be processed.
    • 100% delivery on all numbers.